The Patient Representative Group has been running for well over six years.  All representatives are patients who have expressed an interest in knowing more about how the surgery operates and wish to make an active contribution to improve service provision at the surgery and the local health economy.  The group meets quarterly with its AGM in March. 

All patients are eligible to become a member and we are actively encouraging more representation from the groups - Young mothers; Men & Women aged 18 - 50; Patients of ethnic background. 

For those patients who would like to be included in the membership but do not have time to attend meetings, you are welcome to become a 'virtual member'.  Just email the practice with your request to be involved via email and you wil be included in minutes, agendas, surveys and any other patient communication that we use. 

For more information, please ask at Reception or liaise direct with a committee member:

PRG Members yet to be published

Future Meeting Dates:

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